Aloe Vera Oatmeal Conditioner

SKU: PS5006

Complete your pet's grooming routine with our Aloe Vera Oatmeal Conditioner, the perfect follow-up to our shampoo. This conditioner intensely hydrates and soothes the skin, thanks to the nourishing properties of aloe vera and oatmeal extracts. The vegan and gentle formula is packed with vitamins and proteins that deeply condition and moisturize the coat, leaving it irresistibly soft, shiny, and manageable. Enjoy the delightful scent that makes cuddle time even more special, while ensuring your pet's skin and coat are in optimal health.

Weight 16 oz = .545 kg
1 gal = 4.09 kg
Dimensions 16 oz = 6.0325 × 6.0325 × 23.8125 cm
1 gal = 20.0025 × 20.0025 × 27.94 cm