Pet Silk has revolutionized hair care products for pets by using natural silk fibers as a major compound in our formula. Silk fibers are renowned for their high luster and brilliance. Our hair care products will give your pet a shiny, silky, smooth coat for a well groomed pet.

With the help of Pet Silk, pets have won awards all over the world for their beautiful coats. Our professional formulas containing silk, vitamins, and herbs produce mild shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers. Our products provide a balanced hair treatment to help moisturize the skin and preserve the natural shine and volume of your dog or cats coat.

Based out of Houston, TX, Pet Silk, Inc. is one of our company dedicated to acquiring and growing pet supplies brands we believe in. From marketing to distribution, Pet Silk enlists the best in creativity, logistics, public relations, and more to support and uplift our brands.


Hair care products containing natural silk will greatly improve the volume, shine, and manageability of hair.

Natural organic silk consists of 17 amino acids that are identical to the amino acids in hair. This allows the amino acid composition to penetrate the hair and permanently reconstruct it from the inside out. Silk links hair fibers to strengthen, improve resiliency, and restore moisture balance.